Public Fingerprinting in Washington County, Maryland
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People need to be fingerprinted for many different reasons, such as to obtain a criminal history report for jobs, business or professional licensing, handgun permits, or for certain volunteer positions and immigration.
In Maryland, the first step to obtain a criminal history report is to be fingerprinted at a police department or by a state licensed private fingerprinting service. The fingerprinting requirement ensures that accurate records are returned, and safeguards against mixups of records between people with the same or similar names.
  IMPORTANT NOTICE - Traditional Ink Printing:
Directives from both the FBI and the Maryland Central Repository for criminal records mandate that only fingerprints taken on a "live-scan" machine and submitted electronically will be accepted starting in April, 2012.  

Maryland State Police barracks, including the barrack at Hagerstown, are not able to comply with the electronic submission requirement.  Therefore, public fingerprinting was suspended at all MSP barracks effective March 19, 2012.  

       Live-scan Printing:
Live-scan printing is done on a special scanner connected to a computer.  Your prints are submitted instantly to the Central Respository via the computer, and your criminal history is returned much faster than with traditional ink fingerprints.

Live-scan public fingerprinting is not done at any police agency in Washington County, but is still available in the Hagerstown area.  Click on the links below to go to the fingerprinting page of the respective business.

Optimal Health Care, located on Robinwood Drive, offers fingerprinting Monday through Friday, by appointment only.
CareFirst Community Health, in the north end of Hagerstown, is open Monday through Saturday.  They take walk-ins and appointments.

While MSP does not endorse or recommend specific businesses, this information is given for your information and convenience.  Check back here if you need fingerprinting in the future, as this website will be updated if new providers are added in Washington County.

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